3rd grade ACE Scholars

Weekly update from Mrs. Bonfield in room 3116B

We started to work in our Journals of Knowledge and Excellence!

This week we began with a Trhyme warm up.

Here is an example of one that we did in class:

Clue #1 - What you do to bread in an oven

Clue #2 - What you might eat on your birthday

Clue #3 - What you do to leaves in the autumn

Answers are BAKE CAKE RAKE

The purpose of warming up with Trhyme is to get students engaged in the process of listening closely, analyzing language, and retaining ideas in their head. Ask your student about Trhyme, and then share this one with the family:

Clue #1 - A letter that your teacher gives to your schoolwork

Clue #2 - A place not in the direct sunlight

Clue #3 - To disappear slowly

Next, we had our Advisory lesson. We began with our greeting, then we reviewed the 4 goals of Advisory:

Create Community

Academic Monitoring

Post-Secondary Planning

Social & Emotional Learning

The activity focused on creating a group agreement which we started and will finish next week. We will also work on coming up with a group name. We are a little bit behind the CPS schedule for the 3rd grade Advisory lessons, but we should be caught up by the end of the quarter. Cool thing about Advisory is that we get to celebrate at the end of each quarterly session!

Why are we doing Advisory as part of the gifted program? All CPS schools are including Advisory in grades 3 - 6 this year with the exception of the Montessori schools. (This is due to the way Montessori schools group students.) When I attended a training for Advisory this summer, I immediately recognized the importance and value of presenting the Advisory lessons to all students, mainly because the concept is deeply rooted in gifted educational practices. When I learned that Montessori schools would not be participating at the third grade level, I requested permission to incorporate the lessons in my 3rd grade gifted program. I am thrilled to be presenting this curriculum to my third grade ACE Scholars!

I have included a few photos from our lesson this week which shows students engaged in the beginning activity - the official greeting!

Weekly Schedule for 3rd grade ACE Scholars

Wednesdays from 1:00 - 1:45 for students in Ms. Monak's, Ms. Guimaraes', Wills' & Sanders' classes

Thursdays from 11:20 to 12:00 for students in Ms. Arbuckle's class

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Please feel free to contact me.

Jackie Bonfield

Gifted Specialist

Pleasant Ridge Montessori


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