Newsletter Week 5 Term 3

Shelly Park School - Wednesday 24th of August 2022


Dear Parents and Whānau

During the past couple of weeks we have seen the return of inter school (HPPA) competitions. Firstly, our boys football team competed in the HPPA tournament. This was a two day tournament and at the end of the second day Shelly Park was competing in the final. This was a very close match against Beachlands Primary, which we thankfully won via a penalty shoot out. Thank you to Mr Rijns for his efforts in coaching the boys to victory He was also had some great support from our parents.

We then competed in the HPPA Cross Country Competition. I'm not going to give too much away here as Miss Higham has added a report below. A special mentioned does need to go out to Miss Higham for training the students over the past few months.

On Monday and Tuesday night this week we had a group of students participate in the HPPA Dance Festival. This was a great event and the girls did very well performing to a packed audience. A special thank you to Mrs Hales for teaching the girls over the past few months.

Our girls football team competed yesterday in Day 1, of 2, in the Girls HPPA Competition. The girls will now compete in the top 5 next week with the chance to make it a double for Shelly Park, with the boys already champions. A special thank you to Sophie White for coaching the girls and Mrs Woodman for managing the team.

Our Pod 4 students have also been out of school experiencing all that Kelly Tarltons has to offer. The students, teachers and a brave group of parents headed into Kelly Tarltons for the evening, learnt about marine life and then spent the night sleeping in the tunnel while the fish swam above them. This is a highlight for our Pod 4 students and a rather sleepless night for teachers and parents. Thank you to all of those who made this happen.

A reminder that we have Daffodil Day Mufti this Friday, 26th of August. As I said in my message home to parents earlier in the week, this is optional for students to participate in. I am aware that due to Fun Fest we do have a number of mufti days this year.

Finally, thank you to all those families that are supporting the PTA in selling the Whittakers Chocolates. Your support with this helps to fund much needed projects around the school. Remember, if you have sold your first box and would like to sell another, then please just email and your child will be able to collect their new box from the office the following day.

Ngā mihi

Ed Roper


PTA News

Newsletter No.20 Wednesday 17th August 2022

Chair: Kieran Lewis Treasurer: Brent Batten

Secretary: Nicola Fletcher-Williams and Danelle Cresswell


Next PTA Meeting date: Monday 5th September 2022 @ 7:30pm


Whittaker’s Chocolates Fundraiser

This Friday the 18th we will be sending home a box of 36 Whittakers Chocolate slabs in a variety of flavours for you to

sell for $2 each. One box per family will be sent home unless you request otherwise. Money can be returned via Kindo or

cash to the school office, with the school earning $30 per box sold. There will be a $100 Prezzy Card prize to whoever

sells the most, as well a prize draw for anyone who sells at least one box. This fundraiser is optional, if you would like to

opt out please email

Please note we cannot return partially sold boxes.

Fun Fest Volunteers

We are in need of more volunteers to help coordinate the fun zones, if you are able to help please get in touch with the



A reminder that Brainathon money can be paid via Kindo or by cash to the school office.

Yummy Stickers

The Yummy Apple Sticker Promotion has come to an end, Please return all completed collection sheets to your

classroom teacher.

Entertainment Book

Thank you to those who have recently purchased an entertainment book. The PTA truly does appreciate the extra funds

that the school gains from each purchase. All memberships last 12 months from the date of purchase.

Every membership sold gives 20% back to our school! Please support our school with this fundraiser, and share this

link with family, friends and work colleagues. Use this link to find out more!

Monthly meetings

A reminder that all parents are automatically members of the PTA and encouraged to join us for our monthly meetings to

hear from Ed & the Board of Trustees about what is happening at the school, and find out what fundraising activities are

planned for the months ahead.

2022 Dates for PTA Meetings

Monday 05 September, Tuesday 25 October, Monday 14 November and Monday 05 December.

School Events

Leading up to the event The Cross Country Team trained every morning tea for 20min to prepare. We took 48 very excited children down to Lloyd Elsmore on the 16th of August to participate. Cross Country is an individual sport but children represent a team when they run, and get points for their placing. The lower the points the better our overall score.

The team results were Year 4 girls receiving third place and Year 4 boys, Year 5 girls, Year 5 boys, Year 6 girls and Year 6 boys all receiving first place. We also received 6 podium placings.

This allowed the Inter school Team to win the best overall school trophy. Our success was due to the dedication of our SPS children that turned up to trainings and worked together as a team when running on the day.

Thank you to all the amazing SPS families for cheering on our runners. A big thank you to the parents who helped volunteer and transport children to the event. Inter school Cross Country is one of my favourite days to attend. I felt very proud watching the SPS children displaying our motto "Working together to Succeed" throughout the day.

The Team should feel incredibly proud of their success as a team.

Miss Higham

Term 3 Events

  • 26 Aug - Daffodil Day
  • 5 Sep - PTA Meeting 7:30pm in the staffroom
  • 14 Sep - New Parents meeting 11am for cohorts 7&8
  • 16 Sep - Fun Fest Mufti Day
  • 20 Sep - BOT Meeting 7pm - 9pm in the staffroom
  • 21 Sep - Photolife Team Photos
  • 27 Sep - Teacher Only Day
  • 28 Sep - Three Way Conferences 1pm - 8:30pm
  • 29 Sep - Three Way Conferences - 3:30pm - 6pm
  • 30 Sep - Term 3 Ends