A travel guide for planet Earth

welcome to Earth

Hello Traveler's!

Get ready for the time of your life with so many places to visit and things to do! If you don't know what to do or where to go here are some suggestion. Canada,capital state building, the best one to visit is Florida!

Travel Tips

Traveling safe

There are a couple of ways to travel to Florida you can travel in car,plane,or UFO.

if you travel in car it may be a little bumpy on your way there.

Get comfy its going to be a long ride.

Packing List

Here are some things you need for the trip.

You need some sunscreen,summer clothes,some money to buy food,a rental car or a UFO,and maybe some stuff to do when your in a hotel
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If you don't want to go to Florida here is author place you can go.

Canada there is some many things to do in Canada like feed sea lions,golf,and go on roller coasters!

what should i wear?

That is a easy one i say you should wear some both hot and cold clothes or it depends when your going i say in April.

Traveling Tips

Travel safe

there is lots of ways to get to Canada safely is stay on the right side of the road and have a seat bleat and you know what to do the rest.