Directors's Message:

Happy New Year everyone!

We look forward to having a wonderful and exciting year with our Huntsville City School Family. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are now ready to begin a new chapter in the Child Nutrition Program as we embark upon another year of providing nutritious meals and great service to our customers. I know that 2020 will be a year that will be remembered for years to come! - H. Ward

Did you know?

  • Montview Elementary school will begin the Supper CACFP program on February 4, 2020.
  • You can download the EZ School Lunch app to check menus at all school sites.
  • If your child has dietary needs then a Diet Prescription form can be completed so we may serve safe food to that child.
  • Parents can go to in order to add money to their child's meal account.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Employee Spotlight: Ms. Glenda Stone at Apollo Academy

Ms. Glenda Stone works at Apollo Academy as a CNP Supervisor and has been with Huntsville City Schools for 22 years. She is originally from New Market, AL. Ms. Stone has lived all over the world but her favorite place she lived in was Indiana. She has two children named Candra and Takesha. She has six grandchildren named Rashawn, Christian, Iyonna, Kyler, Reagan, and Dylan. Her favorite part about working for Huntsville City Schools is meeting the students, serving the students, encouraging them to participate in the Child Nutrition Program, and cooking.

Outside of work, Ms. Stone likes to dance, sing, and have fun with her family. Her favorite type of music is gospel. Words that she lives by are to treat everyone how she would want to be treated. If she was not working in CNP she would be working in finance. Her hobbies include watching American Idol, making people laugh, and going to church. If she could be any fictional character it would be Road Runner.

Her favorite sport is football and she says the chore she absolutely hates doing is cleaning the stove. If she could meet anyone, living or dead, it would be Charlie Wilson. She says three traits that define her are funny, good personality, and caring. In 5 years she plans to be retired and taking care of her family. Ms. Stone defines success as making it work.

Happy Birthday!

Vanessa Branford – 1/2

Annette Paul – 1/2

Doris McLeod – 1/5

Chrissy Depew – 1/6

Lashunda Freeman – 1/12

Sammie Johnson – 1/14

Keith Cantrell – 1/21

Belinda Anderson – 1/27

Supervisor of the Month: Ms. Latonya Williams at Hampton Cove Elem./Middle School

Service Anniversaries

Tammy Collett – 23 years

Charlotta Eldridge – 23 years

Gwen Graham – 5 years

Connie Harper – 18 years

Martha Mangrum – 3 years

Kim Riley – 26 years

Margaret Russell – 16 years


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