A Letter to my Shoes

By Aaron Duykers

A Letter to my Shoes

Dear Shoes,

I suppose I ought to let you know

Just how appreciative I am

Of your service to me

And my feet

You took me places

On clouds

I don't remember

Ever getting sore heels

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We've seen all kinds of weather

Fierce rain on the morning walk to school

And mother nature's many mood swings

Have taken a toll on you

Your smooth black laces

Are frayed and caked

With crusty salt

From the sidewalk that once was icy

Your once black leather

Is dull and gray

And has splotches

Of mud and dust

Once you were fit for any occasion

Now all I put you on for

Is to go get the mail;

A job better suited for slippers

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Someday I promise

To shine you up

Give you new laces

And go for a walk with you.

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