Strawberry Indicator

Join us as we test the pH

Using Strawberries

The purpose of this project is to see if strawberries can tell us the pH of household chemicals . An indicator changes color based on certain characteristics.


pH, Color:

1, Orange

3, Orange/Pink

5, Pink

7, Dark Pink

9, Darker Pink

11, Heavy Pink


The household chemicals we used were 7-Up, nail polish remover, 70% rubbing alcohol, and Lysol. Here are our results after adding 10 drops of chemical to our strawberries:

Liquid, Color:

7-Up, Dark Pink

Nail Polish Remover, Pink

Rubbing Alcohol, Pink

Lysol, Dark Pink

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you decide to use strawberries?

A: We decided to choose strawberries as our natural indicator because after some research, we discovered that strawberries are already slightly acidic.

Q: Did you have any predictions?

A: We predicted that adding a strong acid would turn the indicator a darker pink or red. We also predicted that if we added a strong base it would turn the indicator a bluish or purple color.

Q: If you did not choose to use strawberries what would you have chosen as your natural indicator?

A: If we didn't use strawberries, we would have used blueberries. We think that using blueberries would have given more clear results because they have a low pH but can easily become a darker red when acid is added.

Q: What would you have done differently in this lab?

A: We would have filtered the strawberries more before we started the lab. Our grocery shopper blended the strawberries thoroughly and filtered them only once before bringing them to school. Our whole group agrees that it would have been beneficial if we had filtered more than once before starting the lab. This would have saved us some class time.