scuba instead of snorkeling

how to scuba

What is scuba

Scuba is when you dive into the story.Also when you stop to ask yourself questions.It's actually very easy if you know what questions to ask.Also when you look for the conflict along with character change to help find theme.Also being able to look for the author's clues with ease.

What is snorkeling

Snorkeling is when you skim through the story.Also when you pay no attention to important details.Like character change or to the conflict.Also not paying attention to the author's clues

What questions you should ask

Like I said before it's easier if you know which questions to ask.Like what is the plot of the story ,or what type of story is it.Which is very important.Other things like what type of person the main character is a very important clue to the theme.Also finding conflict is easier with scuba because then you use the method of asking questions about the text.

When you know you understand the story

You know you understand the story when it is easy for you to uncover the theme. You can also tell when you can kind of see the story and whats going on; you can visualize whats going on in your head. As you read the author will never tell you the theme of the story, it is very rare that he/she does.

Types of Theme

  • Hope
  • faith
  • trust
  • family
  • love
  • friendship
  • and more....