Being a Child Psychologist

By: Jami Firkins

What do they do?

Psychologists study cognitive, emotional, and social processes and human behavior by watching, interpreting, and recording how people relate to other people and their environments that they encounter.

What are the working conditions?

Some psychologists work on their own, working with patients or researching. Others work as part of a healthcare team, Talking with physicians and social workers or in school settings, working with students, teachers, parents, and other educators. Those in private practice often work evenings and weekends to accommodate client's needs.

what do you have to do to be a psychologist?

To be a psychologist you typically need a doctoral degree and/or A specialist degree in psychology, but a master's degree will work for some positions. Practicing Psychologists also need a license or certification.

the yearly salary for a psychologist

On average the yearly salary for a psychologist is right around $69,280. But you can make more depending on your years of experience.

Breaking down the taxes

  • Federal Withholding Tax: $1,051.31
  • Social Security Tax: $357.99
  • Medicare Tax: $83.72
  • Iowa Tax (State Tax): $285.10

My monthly net pay after taxes: $5,774.00

My Apartment

My Apartment is located at 100 Hawk Ridge Dr, Iowa City, IA 52246.

My monthly rent is $699.00 and my yearly rent comes to $8,388.00. The apartment has 2beds, 2baths, and is 813 square feet. Because it has two bedrooms I can either use that room for storage or keep it a bedroom so friends can stay over if they want.

My Monthly Expenses

  • Rent: $699.00
  • Water bill: $35.00
  • Power bill: $90.00
  • Food: $200.00
  • Phone/cell phone: $80.00
  • Cable/internet cost: $150.00
  • Entertainment: $200.00
All together that adds up to $1,454.00

What I Am Left With

After the month is done and I have paid for my all my expenses I will be left with $2,541.88. And if I save all that extra money I will have $30,502.56 in a years time.