Spring Leadership Institute Cohort

Days 2 & 3

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Systems Approach to Increasing Positive Student Outcomes

Dr. Nancy Robinson spent days 2 & 3 with the team! She gave us three systems that are already changing the way we are thinking and planning forward!

Aligning Student Work with TEKS

What's next?

  • Although Nancy, said it was our last day with her, we WILL see Nancy again for our final day together this summer. (Date to be Announced VERY SOON)
  • Dr. Kelly Brown will be with us the next two full days- March 22 and April 12. We will see you in March!

Who is Dr. Kelly Brown?

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Dr. Kelly Brown is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Prairie View A&M University. As a former administrator and teacher in a large urban school district in the Houston area, she is focusing her research on improving educational outcomes for under-served students. Dr. Brown has also written curriculum and trained teachers needing alternative teacher certification and early childhood director certifications. She continues to write and present at conferences annually. Dr. Brown will continue the work we started with her at the Leadership Summit. See her presentation below.

Click here for Dr. Brown's Presentation

Dr. Brown will spend two days with us building upon the work she started at the Leadership Summit.

A quick video I created from Day 2 of our Cohort

Dr. Robinson's PP Presentation: January 25, 2016

Click here for the presentation slides from Day 2.

Dr. Robinson's PP Presentation: February 09, 2016

Click here for presentation slides from Day 3.