Monday Talk

January 18, 2015


**Ms. Dot has some upcoming medical tests....remember her as she prepares for them.

**Congratulations Ms. Mebane for being awarded two Orchestra Instruments with Donors Choose!!!!!

(Please email me if there is any celebrations or sharing that needs to be added to our Monday Talks…..if I miss anything please let me know……thanks)

CONGRATS Susan Paschal....Honored at Moore County BOE Meeting for Recertification in National Boards!!!!

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This Week of Events at Highfalls

January 18: Holiday No School

January 19:

SIT / TAC Meeting 2:45

Robotics Club 2:00-2:30

January 20:

No PLCs in Design Room;

End of Grading Period

Dr. Bob Visits!!!! 2 Classroom Visits and Lunch in Cafeteria

January 21:

Floor Buffed if Not Raining

BasketBall Game Home vs. West Pine

January 22: Teacher Workday: Optional

Next Weeks Events at Highfalls

January 25: Faculty Meeting

Report Cards

January 26:

Encore Kids Field Trip NC Symphony

Floor Buffing

Robotics Club 2:00-2:30

January 27:

School Improvement Visit District 8:30 am- 10:00 am


January 28:

BasketBall Game Home Away at San Lee

January 22: Teacher Workday: Optional

Read All Day : Teachers Remake Shake It Off By Taylor Swift

Literacy and Math PD dates / topics for the remainder of 2015-2016:


January 6th: Questioning (About the text, Within the text and Beyond the Text)

February 3rd: Inferring

March 2nd: Summarizing and Synthesizing


January 20th: MP5 and Visual Representations

February 17th: MP6 and Interacting with Peers

March 16th: MP7 and Understanding Problems

April 6th: MP8 and Organizing

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Floor Buffing!!!!

Ms. Brenda and her awesome team will be buffing the main floors on the following dates. Please be sure to make arrangements to leave at 3:15 on the following days and be mindful of scheduling meetings due to the noise and floor restrictions. If you have any questions please see Ms. Brenda!

January 21

February 2

February 16

March 1

March 15

April 5

April 19

May 3

May 17

****If it is raining on these dates the floors will be done on the Thursdays of the scheduled week.

Daily Expectations for Soaring to Excellence

PBIS Rubric....Remember Students are not to loose stamps or receive Strikes :)

Bell to Bell Instruction

Alignment to Standards


Student Engagement

Differentiated Instruction

Posted and Aligned "I Can Statements"

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