By: Bella Whitman


iTrailer is when we created a trailer in iMovie and had to pick a special topic. After we chose the topic we had to get a lot of pictures from home. Once we collected all the pictures we put them together to form an iTrailer. Then when it was done we had the choice whether or not to present it in front of the class.

Explain Everything

During Explain Everything we had to choose a math problem from the board. Once we chose a problem we had to record ourselves and solve the problem. We had to show our work as we recorded. For example, if there was a carton of eggs in your problem you would put a picture of a carton of eggs in your slideshow. Then when you're done you would e-mail it to the teacher.

Haiku Deck

For Haiku Deck you chose your dream job and find information about it. For example you could find the salary, the tuition fee, the out-state tuition, etc. You would use Haiku Deck to put in information and choose a picture the background for each slide. Then you would have to fill out a sheet of paper summarizing each slide. Finally, we had to present in front of the class.


For Coding we had to start on Lesson 1 and you have a bunch of different codes to use. For example, Move Forward, Move Backward, Turn Right, Turn Left, etc. We had to do different missions and create different shapes by putting in different codes. However many lessons you got done with will depend your grade. If you get 1 and 2 done that's a 1, 3-5 done is a 2, 6 and 7 done is a 3, and finally 8 and 9+ is a 4.

Career Locker

During Career Locker we had to take a test in the beginning to see what our personality traits were. For example it would test you if you either like working by yourself or working with a group of people, etc. Then you explore different occupations that you might enjoy. We had to read the information about that job and decide whether or not you liked it.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

Learn to Type is when we had to type a certain passage Learn to Type signs to us. After a certain amount of passages done you get moved up to a different section of passages. The point of Learn to Type is to learn where the keys are and type without having to look at the keyboard.