By Tayla Dunn 6D


The Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901 when six independent British colonies agreed to join together and become states of a new nation. The rules of government for this new nation were enshrined in the Australian Constitution, which defined how the Australian Government was to operate and what issues it could pass laws on.

Why you should visit Australia

Australia is a unique and diverse country in every way - in culture, population, climate, geography, and history. Australia's population is roughly 22.7 million people and also Australia is a free country and you will be listen to everyone in Australia.

Things in Australia

Things In Australia


Australia is a multicultural and multiracial country and this is reflected on the country's food, lifestyles and cultural practices and experience. Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made some great choices for Australia in his past time of being Prime Minister. Australia is know for it's Great Barrier Reef and Australia is a free country that everyone is allowed to join.