Identity Theft and Credit Scores

An Informational Guide on Credit Scores and Your Identity

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft occur when someone wrongfully acquires and uses a persons personal identification, credit or account information. Identity thieves steal personal information in order to use their identities.

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

There are a lot of things you can do to protect your identity. Some of these things are protecting your social security number, you should only give it to trusted organizations and companies. Take certain precautions like writing "please see I.D." on the back so people can make sure the right person has the right I.D. When you are on the internet, make sure that you are giving out your information on secure sites. URL's with https usually are secure and can be trusted with personal information. Watch out for viruses that could steal your information and stop using the computer if a virus is suspected. Another way to reduce risk is by keeping all passwords secret and make sure your passwords are not easily detected. When it comes to your trash, shred all documents with your personal information on them.

Safeguard Your Wallet

When you go out, only bring what is necessary. Don't bring your Social Security number, birth certificates, passport or other identification papers. This reduces risk of identity theft if your wallet is stolen.

Protecting Your Credit Card Information

If you are done using any personal information, you need to shred it before throwing it away so that no one can use the numbers. The same goes for receipts, make sure to dispose of them correctly or store them in a secure place. Always make sure that you are giving your information to legit sites that you know are safe.

Credit Reports

Your credit report shows the history of your credit card. Companies use your credit report to make sure you are careful with your money and can be relied upon with money. Ways to keep a good credit report are paying off all debts, pay your bills on time, only apply for the credit you need and don't exceed your credit limit. These will increase your credit score and will most likely lower monthly insurance bills.
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