What's So Good About Being Prez?

The perks, responsibilities, the truth...

By: Brandon H and Ryan L Hour: 5

The Requirements/ Basics:

1. The constitutional requirements to become president:

A. Must be 35 years old

B. Natural born citizen of the U.S.

C. Must live in the U.S. for 14 years

2. The salary of the president is $400,000. Benefits and perks of being the president of the U.S. is that you get security, private transportation and you get to live in an enormous house.

3. What Exactly Are The President's Powers?

Executive Powers

  • Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. Military Forces
  • Commissioner of officers into ranks
  • Grant Reprieves, Amnesty, and Pardons
  • Appoint officials to lower offices in the White House
  • Appoint judges to the Supreme Court
  • Combine heads of departments to form Cabinet
  • Call on Congress to convene after an impactful or devastating events.
  • Ensure that all laws established are executed.

Diplomatic Powers

  • Receive foreign ambassadors

  • Negotiate foreign policy

  • Make Executive Agreements

Judicial/ Legislative Powers

  • Approve Legislation

  • Convene special sessions of Congress

  • Can veto legislation if it isn't approved

  • Issue Executive Orders

4. Best Leadership Qualities?

Consensus Building: Every excellent president needs to establish good relations with not only his own party members but also members of the opposite party. He should do this in order to gain support from the opposing party on controversial issues, gain trust and support from unlikely allies, and gain a mutual understanding about the complex problems the nation faces.

Decision making: The president needs to be decisive. If he can't make a stand on an issue and follow through with his decisions, the executive branch will appear weak. Discernment is a major key for guiding the country in the direction that fits the people.

Trust: The approval ratings of Congress continue to slip, and if it continues to do poorly, it is likely that the President's ratings aren't too far behind. Why is this? This is the result of the lack of trust and faith people have in the government. The President must be a great communicator to the people and a mediator between the legislative and executive branches. This allows for an open view of the government for the people to observe and understand what occurs in government functions.

Goals: Where is the country headed without various goals to obtain and achieve? Our prosperity depends on the ability to live our dreams and reach our goals; to keep pushing ourselves to new heights. The president must have the ability to outline the country's future in terms if domestic and foreign plans and make actions upon those outlines to push the country in a forward direction.

Negotiate: Without this skill, the President would hardly accomplish anything. Any person in charge of leading the nation must be a brilliant negotiator. They must bridge between party lines to negotiate, as well as institute diplomacy overseas with foreign leaders. His skills to negotiate augment his image and relations with other key leaders.

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