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Earth Day

  1. Imagine a world without trees. What if the rain forests, and all of the exotic plants and colorful animals that call it home, suddenly did not exist? In 1962, Gaylord Nelson decided something needed to be done to protect the environment. The work that he began led to what we now know as Earth Day.
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How Earth Day Started

Nelson headed to Washington D.C. were he tried to convince President John F. Kennedy to take a bigger stand on environmental issues. He met with the attorney first to see his perspective. The attorneys name was Robert Kennedy who thought this was a great idea. After President Kennedy herd what Nelson was trying to do he thought it was great too so he agreed and put it in to issue.

They went out on a Five-Day journey through 11 states giving speeches. Nothing went well, but Nelson would not give up. He went to over 25 states giving speeches on why the environment is important. Many people started to catch what he was trying to say and went along with him. As he did more this began to become one of the most important things in the world today, so they named this day(March 21, 1971) it was declared Earth Day!

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How to Support Earth Day

All you have to do to support Earth Day is attend events that help make the earth cleaner. You can also help out at your own neighborhood. You can pick up any trash left around on the streets. Maybe you can grow a tree for more nature instead of cutting them down.
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What to prevent from doing.

If you ever read the newspaper there maybe an article on how there building a wonderful shopping center right were a forest is. Well they can't just build around the trees. They have to cut them down and that can destroy habitats and also cut down on our oxygen. To stop this you can maybe change peoples minds by using this flyer to help the earth. Thank you!