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April 5, 2020

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

I hope all of you found time to rest and reflect away from screens over spring break. The weather has been just gorgeous. Seeing everything in bloom gives me hope and reminds me of our collective resilience and strength.

As we move into our 6th week of e-learning I'm sure each of you (students, teachers, and parents) have established helpful routines and identified ways of meeting the challenges of online learning with creativity and an open mind.

I want to thank you again for completing the surveys we sent out on Wednesday. We take your feedback seriously. Please know that groups of teachers and leaders have been tasked with reviewing your comments and considering how to best address your concerns.

As I'm sure you know, educators around the world are now applying their full creativity and energy toward helping young people learn effectively in virtual spaces. CDS is paying attention and making use of these emerging best practices so that e-learning can continue to evolve in our school.

As always, we place the highest priority on our students' social and emotional well-being. We will continue to make decisions with their health and wellness in mind.

Regretfully, we must cancel our outdoor education trip with Adventure Korea this year. We knew this would likely happen, but it still breaks our hearts to do so. We will look forward to a trip next school year when we can ensure everyone's safety.

Thank you all for your on going support. Please stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Mr. Scoville

Director of Middle School

Letter to community - 4.1

4 - 1 - 2020 - CDS Community Update

Please click the button to review our 4.1 community update and Continuity of Learning Plan

**Please scroll down for links to your child’s online learning plans

**자녀분의 온라인 학습계획과 관련하여 아래 링크를 클릭해주세요.

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Strengthening Bonds in Virtual House (8B)

Since Online Learning has started at CDS, Virtual House has become an important time for students and teachers to interact with each other and a time to nurture healthy social relationships.

8B spent House time this week telling jokes, sharing experiences, and discussing the challenges and benefits of Online Learning. In our Google Meet Virtual House sessions, students have shown a professional and punctual demeanor and displayed a disposition that epitomizes diligence and CDS' RISE virtues.

Although we can't be in the classroom, Virtual House has enabled our House teachers and students to stay connected and provided a platform through which we can all communicate freely. House time has also afforded students with the opportunity to converse about assignments and stay up to speed with academics as a cohort. Despite the distance between us, technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity to continue learning from our coursework and from each other.

- Mr. Keel & Ms. Kim

CDS Continuity of Learning Plan

Click the button to review our plans to ensure learning continues despite campus closure

**Our Continuity of Learning Plan (linked above) was adapted from the collective best practices of several international schools in Asia including The American School in Japan. We thank these schools for making their plans public.

Attendance Expectations for E-Learning

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E-Learning Class Schedules 5A - 8B

Click to see the e-learning schedule for your House for April 2020

Distance Learning Plans 4.6-4.10

Click to see assignments and expectations for each House 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B

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Distance Learning Plan 3.30-4.3

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[CDS MS Announcements & Reminders]

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