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Is having complete power or control. ⚡️👑

King Loius XIV

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King of France

King Louis XIV became the ruler of France in 1643 at the age of five with the help of the Cardinal Mazarin , the head of a French Catholic Church , until the age of 23 when he took Absolutism over France. Louis referred himself to "Sun King " to represent his power towards his kingdom.

Louis XIV had not received much of an academic education, although he later picked up Latin and modern languages. He was a handsome and athletic youth who had mastered fencing , dancing and riding. The reign of France's Loius XIV (1638- 1718) lasted 72 years, longer than any other known European sovereign. Louis owned an extravagant life style symbolized the wealth of his country.

Louis XIV was only 5'4 but he was a charming leader or in better words charismatic leader.In 1661 Louis XIV took over supreme power. His power was the control of the central policy making machinery of government. He removed people from the council who posed a threat to his ruling. He had complete authority over the traditional areas of royal power: foreign policy, the church and taxes. To increase his power he developed a standing army. He added some territory and and set up a member of his own dynasty on the throne of Spain.

Louis XIV ensured absolute control of France by strengthening royal power over the nobles and French provincial government. He also employed middle-class merchants and church leaders to run the real affairs of the government because those people were loyal to him. He was the second longing reigning monarch. The Louisiana Purchase was named to honor King Louis XIV. As a supporter of imperialism, Louis encouraged the people to settle in the new French colony ,Canada , and gain weather for France through the fur trade which made an advantage for France.

Why was the absolutism of King Loius XIV good ?

- King Louis XIV expanded the boundaries of France. The French people loved this , it made the military stronger and even his own power.

- King Loius gave religious freedom to Protestants

- King employed middle class merchants

- King Loius desired to maintain religious harmony as part of the monarchical

- He imoroved communications and transportation of goods within France , to help he built roads and canals.


King Loius XIV might be know for his selfish expenses but he was an good King of France. King Loius helped his kingdom in a positive way to help upcome France by improving different factors within his kingdom.