Digital Citizenship Project

Briauna S. period 2

Rule 1

Digital Etiquette

You should never post anything on the internet about your friends unless you get there permission and expessioly if their parents wont's like it.I think that this is an important rule because if you do then it might affect what they want to do in the future.

Rule 2

Information Privacy

When your online you should never share things with people like your phone number, address, and credit card numbers. So never share you personal information.When you go online to buy things make sure you ask you parents for permission first. I think that this is an important rule because if you share your personal information then they could do who knows what to you or your stuff.

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Rule 3

Social Networking

When you are on the internet and you are having an event do not just send it to anybody send it to your friends and family. Also, if someone you don't know tries to contact you it best for you to ignore them. its best to ignore them because they might not be who they say they are and they can do stuff to you.

Rule 4

Online safety

Tell somebody if somebody on the internet is being rude. I think that this is an important rule because if you don't tell anybody than it would keep happening and one day you will get sick of it and say something that you will regret in the future. This rule is important because if you try to get into a good college and they look you up and see what you said when you were younger they might not except you.

Rule 5


If someone is saying mean things about you or Cyber Bullying you on the internet you should never respond back to it it is good to either block them, report them, or delete them. This is an important rule because if you respond to it you most likely will say something that will mess up your future.

Rule 6


You should never copy anyone's work because that is plagiarising. If your teacher tell you to right a report on a book or a summary on a book your not just going to look on the back and copy it you have to write your own work. This is an important rule because if you plagiarise you can get into a lot of trouble and you can even fail your assignment.

Rule 7


You should never copyright anyone's work on a book, song, or movie because if you do they might try to sue you which means you will have to go to court and the judge will force you to pay the person that you copyrighted from. This is an important rule because if you copyright without permission you will get sued.

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What is digital citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is when people who use the Internet regularly and effectively. It is necessary for people to understand digital citizenship because you need to be careful what you post online. What you should never do id post things when your mad cool off for a second then post. If you post something when your mad you might regret it in your future because it will effect it.