Sweet Southern Colonies For Sale

Haleigh White


  • Founder was Captain John Smith and Virginia was founded in 1607.
  • The reason for the founding of Virginia was that Sir Walter Raleigh thought of Virginia as an investment. He would earn money through it by trading the raw materials there to England.
  • Economy was made by tobacco.
  • Corporate government and then royal because the corporate charter was revoked by King James and was transferred to royal authority.
  • 105 first landing in Virginia. Wealthy Europeans mainly first migrated here then bringing others who wanted a new life.
  • Powhatan tribe was one of the most important Indian tribes. Anglo-Powhatan war in 1610-1614 following a peace settlement.
  • Religion was Anglican.
  • In 1676 Bacon's Rebellion started. The rebellion caused the burning of the capital and Jamestown settlement burned.
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  • Founder was Lord Baltimore and Maryland was founded in 1634.
  • Reason for the founding of Maryland was to supply religious freedom to the Catholics.
  • Maryland received a charter in 1632 from Charles the I of England. They attempted to settle in Virginia but were rejected for being Catholic.
  • Made money by tobacco.
  • Had a Proprietary government.
  • 500 people settled there by 1640.
  • Maryland was mainly a British English Colony.
  • Indian tribes included the Conoys, Assateagues, Susquehannock. They had no big conflicts with the natives.
  • Anglican after 1692.
  • Largest slave toleration and religious freedom.

North Carolina

  • Eight Lord Proprietors went to colonize North Carolina in 1653.
  • Made money by tar, pitch, and turpentine which was known as naval store.
  • North Carolina had a proprietary then royal government.
  • The Carolina Charters in 1663 granted the Lord Proprietors to a certain amount of land. They didn't get only land but they got to a governance also known as the Raleigh charter.
  • Population in 1660 was at 1,000.
  • Englishmen and some Scottish migrated mostly to North Carolina.
  • The main Indian groups were the Cherokee, Cataway, Hatteras, etc. The Tuskohora War in 1711-1715 were caused by Europeans stealing during starving times only for their own survival.
  • The religion was Anglican which was not dominated by specific groups.
  • Crops traded for items that could not be produced on plantations.
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South Carolina

  • Eight English Nobles went to colonize South Carolina in 1663.
  • Made money by rice and indigo.
  • South Carolina had Proprietary then royal government.
  • The Carolina Charter for distributing land among the Proprietors.
  • Population in 1680 was around 1,200. Most migrates were from Pennsylvania, Virginia, England and Scotland.
  • The main Indian groups were the Cherokee, Eno, Keyauwee, Sissipahaw, etc. The Yamasee War was in 1715-1718 hurting the Indian population of their tribe.
  • The religion was Anglican which was not dominated by specific groups.
  • In 1712, South Carolina becomes a separate colony.
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  • Founder was James Oglethorpe in 1733.
  • Made money by the rice crop.
  • Had a royal colony.
  • The Georgia Charter was a corporate body called in a trust.
  • In 1740 the population was around 2,000.
  • Migrates in Georgia mainly came from the Carolinas, Virginia, Scotland and England.
  • Creek Indians were the main tribe. The Creek war which attacked Fort Mims and killed settlers.
  • The religion is Anglican which is not determined to a certain group.