Defending The Coast

By:Ryan King, 7th period, 12/8/2014


"Blockade runners eluded capture by taking advantage

of barrier islands, dense fog, dark nights and foreign registrations."


1. As the war continued, skirmishes occurred up and down the Texas shoreline.

2. U.S. forces captured Galveston in October 1862.

3. Three months later, the small Union force, was unable to defend the island against Confederate attacks by land and water.

4. Southern victory in the Battle of Galveston did not stop determined federals from attacking other coastal defenses.

5. Texas coast was abandoned when military focus shifted to the Red River campaign in Louisiana.

6. The thousands of Union soldiers significantly outnumbered the Confederate forces.

7. Despite these odds, the Confederate troops, under the command of Lt. Richard

Dowling, fired on the advancing gunboats with impressive accuracy.

8. The Confederates were severely outnumbered yet they remained dedicated to

their cause and win an unexpected victory.

Questions/ Answers

1. I wonder if the confederate troops had the spirit to win the battle?

I think that they did because they had the most troops at first but then they started to get out numbered but then they came back and won the battle

2. I wonder if it was a plan was to surprise attack the union troops?

I think it was because the union soldiers did not know that this was going to happen.

3. I wonder what the confederate troops got something for winning?

I think they did, but of course they got 300 union prisoners and 2 ships.


This battle was at the coast of Texas it was really intense because the union soldiers were outnumbered and then the union forces got a lot larger, then the confederate troops some how came back and won the battle. It seems almost impossible but some how they did it. This battle did something one of the only reasons why the confederate troops won because I think that they had the spirit, and that is what it takes to win war. The union soldiers were probably disappointed because they lost, I would be if I was a union soldier, they should have been more prepared and have more spirit.