The Berlin Airlift

Soviets VS. America

What is the Berlin Airlift?

-The "Berlin Blockade" was from April 1st,1948 –12 May 12th,1949

-Soviet blocks supplies into the Western part of Berlin

-U.S. responds by flying in supplies for about a year

-The population of West Berlin was held hostage by the Soviet Union and were restricted from food, supplies, ect.

-U.S. president at the time: Harry Truman

Soviet leader: Joseph Stalin

Why did such a thing happen?

Good Question.

-Soviets were upset that the U.S. and British refused to allow Russia more say in the economic future of Germany

-President Truman did not want to start a world war 3

-Soviets stubborn because they didn't get their way

-America stepping in and helping out because they could and that's what we do