We are Bullyproof!!

Please join our class every third Tuesday of the month!

Give your child the best tools possible....CONFIDENCE and DISCIPLINE!!

Whether your child is a little shy, uncoordinated, picked on by bully's, too rambunctious, bored, or just excited and interested in the the sport the Brazilian Ji Jit Su class at Target Martial Arts Academy is the best place for them. TMAA will teach your child confidence, respect, discipline, flexibilty, honor, and so much more you will be thankful you chose TMAA.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at Target Martial Arts Academy

The kids BJJ class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7 p.m. for $15 a month. Every third Tuesday of the month will be exclusively focused on an anti-bullying awareness class. The class will talk about the different forms of bullying, how to handle bullying, how to be sure you're not bullying, and defense techniques should they suffer any form of physical bullying. It is important we start to instil our youth at the earliest stage possible in hopes of a better future for all!!

Some of our top instructors include: Leo Aponte, Corey Bunker, Jake Dickerson

Gauranteed to be an essential life long tool all kids will thank you for giving them!!

Why we are different from other schools?
What is the lineage behind our academy?
What is the cost?
What if my child doesn't like it?
It looks a little rough, will my child get hurt?
Is this teaching my child to fight?
What are the benefits of this class?