Gender and Identity

Finding who you really are


I think im an average person in this world, no better than anyone else because everyone should be equal. I'm an amazing son, student and friend to who ever comes to meet me. Some people in society my look into or may think I act a different way becasue my parents are divorced, and all of my sisters and brothers are not full. I dress comfy all the time and usually never in a bad mood. As of right now I don't know what I would like to persue in life.

In the play twelfth night the character malvolio is percieved as an unwanted character to most of the others in twelfth night because he is rude to all but Olivia. Three characters plan to prank Malvolio convincing him that Olivia is in love with him. As the three plan this they also add in that he is going insane and they lock him up. Malvolio tries to convince them that he is not nor was ever mad but they are taking the prank to far. Soon after they have to end the prank because the characters will be getting in trouble with Olivia.


I am a middle classed male that attends Joliet West highschool. Everyone percieves males to be the best at all of the physical things such as gym, but in reality I hate gym and I enjoy being lazy. Being a male a lot of others watch sports and I don't really watch them, for instance baseball or footbal. A lot of people think that I may be athletic because the way I dress but in reality i'm no where near athletic. Posative thing about being male is being tall, and a negative is that since i'm a male everyone expects me to do everything by myself without help.

Malvolio is a male character that serves for Lady Olivia in the play. Malvolio is not fond of any horse like play or partying. Malvolio was not put to the test as Cescario and Sir Andrew were (the fight) so malvolio is not much of a manly man in the play as of now. Considering the fact that the other characters are pranking him and making him believe that he is mad he is starting to believe that he may succum to this but he really knows hes not mad.


I believe that others see me as athletic because of my clothing, but most of the time i'm not. I feel as if my parents think everything in school is easy such as academics when its really not. My friends think that I am well kept because my room and everything else is all well kept when in reality, I feel as if everything is just getting lost and I can never find anything the next day. Teachers see me as a hard working student but really I'd rather just do the minimum amount and get the best grade.

I believe other characters see Malvolio as rude and a complete jerk because of the way he treats everyone. Malvolio really is rude to most of the characters but the only exception is Lady Olivia. Since Malvolio is being pranked others are convincing him that he is mad or insane so that is how he is being percieved later on. There is a quote that supports everything which is "Why must thou have me chained if i was mad, when I am not" (iii.iv.26).


A simularity between the Malvolio and myself is how we both can be jerks to people at most times. Because most people can anger him.

A difference between Malvolio and myself is how he hates fun and partying when I just love having fun and enjoy partys. I dont enjoy doing nothing at all times.