Coog Elementary School

October Newsletter

Ms. De La Paz

Contact Information

Grade Level: Pre- Kindergarten

Room #: 23

Phone Number: (713) 645- 4578

Office Hours: After school only


Mark Your Calendars:

October 1, 2013- September Birthday's Celebration

October 28-30, 2013- Red Ribbon Week

October 31, 2013- Halloween

Red Ribbon Week & Halloween

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated in support of a drug free campus and a way to encourage children to stay drug free.

Day 1) The students will be allowed to wear any type of red clothing to school.

Day 2) The students must wear a red ribbon provided by their teacher over their school t-shirt.

Day 3) Students will rehearse a chant with their teacher in preparation for the next days Halloween parade.

Day 4) Halloween Parade: Students may dress as their favorite book character.

Math Objectives

  • Patterning: the student will be able to classify and label objects by common attributes.
  • Number Concepts: the students will be able to count from 1-5 backwards.

Social Studies Objectives

  • Event Sequencing: the student will be able to differentiate between today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
  • American Symbols: the student will be introduced to the National Anthem.

Science Objectives

  • Organisms Life Cycle: the student will be able to identify the events of a life cycle.
  • Scientific Thinking: the student will start scientifically questioning living and non-living organisms.

Language Arts Objectives

  • Writing: the student will be able to write his/ her own name.
  • Reading: the student will know how to turn pages of a book properly.