Introduction to Reader's Workshop

For all classroom teachers K-5

What can you expect?

Our very own reading team will be sharing best practices from around the country on the best ways to teach reading in the classroom setting. Planning is still under way, but expect to learn new ways to hold students accountable and design lessons full of engagement opportunities.

Will this be for me?

Some reader's workshop components hold true regardless of grade level. Other parts are more appropriate for younger students and some for older students. This workshop will have one part whole group, and one part split with K-2 teachers and 3-5 teachers to better meet your needs.
We are taking survey responses in the link shared above for the dates, but it will be held for two days in the first week of August before we officially report back to school. We will have babysitting, lunch, and a stipend for all those that attend. You may also receive some goodies to get your school year started on the right track. =)

Any questions?

If you would like more information, ask your reading team. We are actively planning now. This workshop is a pre curriculum writing adventure so we are all on the same page for incorporating standards into best practices.