Dolphin Tales

2018-2019 School Year

First Quarter Connections at Disney Elementary

Dolphin Tales is an end of the quarter e-newsletter for us to share some of the wonderful events that took place during the quarter. TEAM DISNEY believes that positive partnering with parents is truly the only way to make our team stronger.

Positive Partnering Tip:

It is the time of year of the parent-teacher conferences. This is the perfect opportunity for you, as parents, to find out how your child is adjusting to the new school year and to get to know their teachers. Unlike open house or a child’s performance this IS the time to talk specifically about your child’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Here are some general hints on how to have a successful conference:

  • Talk with your child. Is there anything your child would like for you to discuss with the teacher?

  • Be Prepared. Jot down notes to help you remember what you need to discuss.

  • Be on Time. Even a couple of minutes early may help an already busy schedule for the teacher.

  • Start off on the Right Foot. Share positive comments about the room or teacher.

  • Stay on Track. Avoid lengthy discussions that are not related to the purpose of the conference.

  • Listen to What the Teacher has to Say. Be open-minded about suggestions from the teacher.

  • Stay Calm – Keep your emotions under control. You are both on the same team.

  • Stay within your Conference Time. Help the schedule move efficiently.

  • Share with your child what was discussed. Let them know that you and the teacher are on the same page

  • Show Gratitude. Express appreciation for the conference.

By working together, you can help your child have their most successful school year yet!

Source Gisler, Peggy, and Marge Eberts. “10 Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference.” Family Education.

SNAPSHOTS from First Quarter

Character Counts

This school year we are continuing the character education program called "Character Counts." Our first "Character Counts" word for this school year was "peace," and our next word will be "generosity."

With each word, Mrs. Bennett, our school counselor, will introduce each "Character Counts" word during our morning announcements and through her counselor lessons. Classroom teachers will follow-up by incorporating the word into a reading and/or writing lesson. Our longtime community partner, Seminole Baptist Temple, will also host an assembly in connection with each "Character Counts" word.

Disney students created a video with Ms. Crump, our new Instructional Technology teacher, and assistance from our counselors, Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Doran, promoting peace. Please take time to watch the video below.

Connect with Us

Dunk-it with Dr. Miller - Informal time for parents to come to Disney and visit with Dr. Miller about anything Disney related. Our next Dunk-it with Dr. Miller is scheduled for November 20, 8:20-8:50 a.m.