Sustained Silent Reading

Also Known as Drop Everything and Read

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Why it works:

  • It promotes aesthetic reading. When students are able to choose their literature, they will be more likely to enjoy the time they spend reading. This freedom of choice also promotes comprehension and improves vocabulary.
  • Struggling readers receive support. When students discuss their reading with a partner, teacher, or parent, they are able to get clarification on words they may not know, concepts they may not comprehend, and higher-order thinking skills by explaining how, where, why a character may have done something.
  • It provides structure to the classroom. Students will know that SSR will begin at a certain time of day on a certain day(s) of the week. A well-organized, structured classroom is essential to students' growth and development.

Making SSR work in your classroom:

  • Build a large reading library. With SSR, students have the freedom to choose their reading materials. Make sure your library is stocked with appropriate titles that will appeal to all types of personalities.
  • Get parents involved! Parental support is important in all academic areas - especially reading. If the student is to develop a love of reading, they must have support at home in addition to what they receive in the classroom. Encourage parents to discuss the reading materials with their children, make regular trips to the library, and let their children see them reading.
  • Model the behavior. When it is time to Drop Everything and Read, make sure the teacher is following the rules, too! Grab a book of your choice and engage in the silent reading time.
  • Be consistent. Make sure students understand that when it's time to begin SSR, they should have their book in-hand and be ready to read. SSR should begin on time, every time.