Who Me?! A workshop?

Women's retreat coming up

The joke's on me as I prepare my workshop for this weekend, entitled, "Who me?! Missions?" because this week I am feeling more like, Who me?! A workshop? :)

I am inspired by the opportunity and the topic, but I must confess to feeling like I'm drawing a bit of a blank as I try and prepare. Would you pray that God speaks clearly to me and that I have a cup of living water to offer the women who come? Would you pray that the women who need to hear this message come to this workshop?

I am looking forward to the chance to connect with women from North Langley Community Church, which is one of our supporting churches, but where we are not well connected. Also...please pray for Tony on his debut of parenting alone overnight!

Dessert Night

I am coming home early from the retreat because this Sunday we are scheduled to share at Central Heights, our home church here in Abbotsford, and have a dessert night that evening. Please pray that we have favour and that people are moved to jump on board this Panama-bound adventure! It was such an incredibly sweet time sharing at Cariboo Bethel last week, and we are really wanting to feel a deep connection with our church family here too.

We are also waiting to hear from a few churches about the possibility of becoming supporting churches. Please pray for 2-5 new partnering churches to join our team.

Thank you!

As we share what we're doing, we have been so blessed to have new people signing up for this prayer team! Thank you to all who are is hard to express in words what it does for us to know you believe in us and are lifting us up.