Stem Cuttings

propagation method

Materials you will need for this Method

-Sharp knife or pruning shears
-Containers for potting up the cuttings

-Potting mix, perlite, vermiculite, or sand

-Rooting hormone

A How to Guide through How to Complete Stem Cuttings

Step 1-

Cut Off a Section of Stem, by selecting healthy growth that's 3 to 6 inches long, and make a sharp cut.

Step 2-

Remove the Lower Leaves by clipping off the leaves on the lower half of the shoot so you have a bare stem to insert into your potting mix. Dip the end of your stem in rooting hormone, which will help cuttings root more quickly.

Step 3-

Immediately pot up your cutting in moist potting mix, sand, or vermiculite. Keep your cutting humid by loosely wrapping it in clear plastic or keeping it under a cloche. It usually takes a month or two for your cuttings to root and become established enough that you can plant them.

Pictures for each Step