by: Peri Berg


Silvers physical properties include a boiling point of 3,924 °F, a melting point of 1763.2 °F, and is white in color. Silvers chemical properties include that it has 47 protons, 47 electrons, and an atomic weight of 107.8682(2). It can be found in Australia, Mexico, and Peru; as well as other places. It is used for jewelry, mirrors, and in electrical fields as it is a good conductor of electricity. Some compounds of silver are (HNO3) or silver nitrate, (H
2S) or silver sulfide, and (AgCl) or silver chloride. Silvers reactivity isotopes are silver-107 and silver-109. Silver is safe as a solid but when liquid it is very hot.
Ms. Ag, Silver was a lonely lady. Although she was wealthy she had no real friends. She used to have many friends but she soon realized that they only liked her because she had shiny properties and belongings. She longed for a more pure source of reliable friends.

One day Ms. Silver was introduced to a group known today as The Periodic Table of Elements by Mr. Dimitri Mendeleev. This group of people seemed to suit what she needed. They were all pure substances and she could trust them. She interacted with some of them to make different compounds.

On this table she is seated near a lot of other pure metals. She is directly above Mr. Gold and diagonal from Nickle. She now feels stronger than ever. She is happy with her new group of friends.