Isabella's Binder

By.Isabella Loya


HI my name is isabella and i am ten i play pemer soccer for fckc blues and also i play basketball for my soccer coaches wife and volleyball for a friend on my soccer team so it works out because we have the same schudule i also play softball.

who i am

I live with my mom dad and brothers richard and ashton richard is a senior in high school and ashton is a 8th gradermy favorite color is : lime green i also have a dog named oscar and a pet parakeet named jayhawk

playing with my neighbors and friends

i love playing with my nieghbor and and with friends we jump on the trampoline and go swimming

trips this summer

this summer i have been to Arizone with my mom and went to go visit our family they either go to our house our we go to there went to theres for four days. also i went to disney world for two weeks