April 11, 2014

What is Exemplification?

Exemplification uses one or more particular cases, or exapmples, to illustrate or explain a general point or an abstract concept.

Using Exemplification

Sweeping generalzations and vague statements are not nearly as effective  as specific observations, anecdotes, details, and opinions. Its one thing to say, "The mayor is corrupt and should not be reelected" and another to illustrate your point by saying, "The mayor should not be reelected because he has fired two city workes who have refused to contribute to his campaign fund, has put his family and friends on the city payroll, and has used public employees to make improvements to his home."

Planning An Exemplification Essay

Developing a Thesis Statement of an exemplification essay makes a point that the rest of the essay will support with examples. The statesment usually identifies your topic as well as the main point you want to make about it. The examples you gather during the invention stage of the writing process can help you devlop your thesis.

What to include in your exemplification essay

Provide enough examples: Select a sufficent range of examples.  Use Transitions: Using transitional words and phrases to introduce your examples. Without them, readers will have difficulty seeing the connection between an example and the general statement it is illustrating. Ex: For instance, in fact, namely,  specifically, that is, and thus.

Structuring An Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essays usually begin with an introduction that includes the thesis statement, which is supported by examples in the body of the essay. Each body paragraph may develop a seperate example, present a point illustrated by several breif examples, or explore one aspect of a single extended exampe that is devloped throughout the essay.

Revision Checklist: Exemplification

Does your assignment call for exemplification?Does your essay have a clear thesis statement that identifies the point you will illustrate?Do your examples explain and clarify your thesis statement?Have you provided enough examples?Have you used a range of examples?Are your examples persuasiveDo your examples add interest?Have you used transitional words and phrases that reinforce the connection between your examples and your thesis statement