come to cartagena

one of the hottest of colombia, cartagena is a city modern

describe a cartagena

cartagena is localite on nort west of colombia, it's ancient


cartagena has museums

there are three museums. they are called museo del naval, san pedro claver, museo de simon bolivar. The best is museo pedro claver and it's located 60 minutes away the of city.

cartagena has places go on a visit how

el castillo de san felife, la torre del reloj, las muralla, el palacio de la inqusicion.



reinado nacional de colombia; these are days

when people dance,share wiht children, march past and see paredes.

this celebration is carriedout on 22th of NOVEMBER


predro de heredia is the founder of city cartagena in 1533.

pablo morillo is pacifier back the inquisition in catargena in 1816


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radinsson cartegan ocean pavillion hotel

¿How many lifts are there?

there are some lifts

¿How many swimming poo are there?

there are some swmming

¿How many sedrooms are there?

there are sedroms

¿How much is room per nith ?

it is 4000 (four thousand pesos)

¿how much is breackfast per ?

it is tow thousand pesos

¿how much is a ride in lim per?

it is tree thousand pesos

hotel servicees

¿how much is breakfast per?

it is five dolars

¿how mucht is a room per nigth?

it is five euros

¿how much ride in limo?

it is tow dollars

¿how much swimming per hour?

it is five dolars


you can go entertainment room. you have to pay

you can don't go beach. You have to swimming clothes.


go straingh, a long five blocks to get to hotel radinsson cartagena ocean pavillion, and turn lrigth .