Weather Alert!

Lily Yustein and James Joseph John Connors

Causes of Wildfires

Wildfires are caused by Lightning, Human Carelessness, Arson, Volcanic Eruption, Pyroclastic Clouds, Heat Waves, Droughts, and Cyclical Climate.

The Greatest Danger to Humans, Property, and the Environment

People and their property are often severely burned.
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How People Can Maintain Safety

  • Listen to Smokey the bear.
  • Have a disaster plan
  • Know your area
  • Plant fire resistant trees and shrubs
  • Have first aid kits handy
  • Listen two the radio in your area
  • evacuate your home if you are told to do so
  • tell someone away from the fire your location

What You Are Doing Wrong

  • Forgetting to put out your campfire
  • Not evacuating your home if you are told to so

Where Do Wildfires Occur?

Wildfires can occur anywhere but they specifically occur in forested areas such as California and Canada.

Conditions During The Storm

  • Fire
  • Dryness
  • Heat

The Most Recent WIldfire

  • Mud Lake Stretch, Florida, USA

Interesting Facts About Wildfires

  • There is at least one wildfire everyday in the USA
  • Smokey the Bear (a campaign to fight forest fires) has been around for 70 years
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WIldfires Effect on the 4 spheres

  • Wildfires can pollute the soil (with ash) of the geosphere.
  • Falling ash from Wildfires could pollute the waters of the hydrosphere
  • Ash from wildfires can pollute the air of the atmosphere with ash and carbon dioxide
  • Wildfires can kill the animals of the biosphere, although some trees rely on fire for reproduction.
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