Angles Are Cool!!!!!

The Simplest Thing Ever!!!!

What is an Angle????

An Angle is a thing that is made out of lines and is measured by degrees..... and it could be made into shapes and other things.

RIght Angles!!!!

- They are exactly 90 degrees.

- Right Angles are the straightest angle.

- You can make a lot of shapes with right angles for example; squares, rectangles etc.

Obtuse Angles!!!!!!!

- Obtuse Angles are the largest angle.

- They are more than 90 degrees.

- You cannot create much shapes with this angle

Acute Angles!!!!

- They are the smallest angles out of all the angles

- This angle equals less than 90 degrees

- This angle looks like a sideways v

Supplementary Angles!!!

Supplementary Angles are Angles that total measurements are 180 degrees.......

Commlementary Angles!!!

Commlementary Angles are Angles that total measurements equal 90 degrees......

Word Problem!!!!

If an Acute Angle is 25 degrees and another Acute Angle is 65 degrees. What is the total amount of the measurements??? 65+25=90 degrees