News From Room 17

Mrs. Gronseth's Class

It's Already Mid-Term?!?!?!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe we're midway through the first quarter! We are busy bees in room 17. Take a look!

Important Dates

  • September 21 - Mid-terms go home
  • September 23 - Un-Homework raffle tickets due
  • September 23 - Scholastic Book Orders due
  • October 14 - Homecoming (Release @ 1:35)

Note: If you would like to help our class earn free books, bookmarks, and other fun things, Scholastic Book Orders are AMAZING! You can even order online if you use our class code: MNYW8. You can order here at Scholastic. Of course, you can also send in your order form and payment with your student if you prefer. Thank you so much!

What Have We Been Working On?


In our whole group reading lessons, we are finishing up the skill of visualization. Good readers visualize what they are reading and picture it in their own mind. This helps us dive deeper into our book and understand it even better!

In our small reading groups, many students have started their book clubs, while others are working on traditional guided reading and Pathways.

In our book clubs, students will be reading a book together. Each week, they'll read new chapters and have new roles within the group. One of the most important jobs is the Discussion Director, who will act as the leader of the group that week. He or she will need to ask their group THICK questions - questions that have more than one answer, that require you to think more deeply, and are usually more fun to talk about!

Check out this video that our class made today to show off their hard work practicing asking and answering THICK questions with their classmates!

The Willa Show - Thick Questions


Students are continuing their work on their personal narratives. I have read some excellent stories about football injuries, the first time on the Mamba, special fishing trips with family, and lots more!


Tomorrow, we are finishing up Topic 2 in math (estimating and rounding) and will begin Topic 3 (3-digit addition and subtraction) on Wednesday. Students have done a great job with Topic 2 - it wasn't always easy, and there were some struggles with rounding, but we all pulled through together! I'm so proud of my class!

Social Studies

In social studies, we are discussing the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens. Four very important rights that all citizens have are: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of press. Our responsibilities are to: defend our country, pay taxes, obey laws, vote, and serve on juries.

A special opportunity that our class had was to write a letter to Makenna's uncle who is currently serving in the military! Our class wrote letters to him and his unit to thank them for their service and to wish them well. We were very happy to have the opportunity to thank these men and women for defending our country!