A Nice and Sweet Pit Bull

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A nice and sweet pit bull:)

I know you think that pit bulls are mean and scary.Ithink you are wrong on that thought.Pit bulls are only mean when or if you teach them that.I have a pit bull"Rosy".I had rescued her on the road.When i got her she wasn't mean she was nice and sweet.If you think about it you might be scared of them but if you can trust them like i did you will do fine with a pit bull.Just a heads up don't feed them by hand,I had tryed that it didn't work out so well.They can come in many different ways.They have sweet faces,they are also very tall.You will learn alot from a pit bull. If you want to learn about Pit bulls, you will want you read this artical if you love Pit bulls.

About me,Madison:) :).

Hi, my name is Madison. I am a twin, just so you know I have a sister named "Hope" . I was born in Kerrville .My dad was also born in Kerrville. My mom was born in Houston. I have 6 dog's,3 cat's. One of my dogs is a pit bull. She is very tall for not even a one year old dog. We had rescued her from the street. We also rescued a Chihuahua. We had rescued both because they were really close buddy's. That is why I wrote about Pit bulls.