Rockin Reveles

live life to the fullest

MY life

I was raised by my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. My father was never around but for all I know how can I even call him that. I was always told that I never needed him and I guess you can say that's true. But enough of that I was always told to be the best person I can be so I chose to try and help out as many people before my life runs out on me.

My personality

helpful, kind,and pretty much try to always stay positive

Favorite thing about my self

My Favorite thing about myself is that I'm always willing to help as many people as possible or at the least put a smile on their face.

what I like about gems

What I like about GEMS is that the teachers do their job and teach me new things instead of blaming me for stuff i didn't do but they do more than teach me , they put a smile on my face.


My hero is cole macgrath. Though he is not real his qualities are. Even though the world hates him for who or what he is, he's my hero because he is always willing to help people no matter how much they despise him
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Favorite song

this is my favorite song because the song makes me feel like i can do so much more despite the video that go's along with it
Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix (Official Video) - Part 2 of 11