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March 6, 2019

Spring Break Has Finally Arrived!

How is it possible that this quarter went by so slow yet went by so fast at the same time? We are all in need of a break, especially the OwlFeed journalists who worked extra hard this month to make this newsletter. We invite you guys to kick back, relax and bask in the sun during the break and enjoy this jam-packed newsletter!

-Lauren Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief

By: Carlos Johnson

As a Girl Scout, Emma Parry is looking to obtain her Gold Award. “A Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn. It is equivalent to the boy’s Eagle Scout Award,” said Emma Parry. “It’s all about finding an issue in the community and creating a sustainable project that will continue to have the desired effect you had after you leave... I wrote a One Act. It’s basically an anti-bullying thing using the Wizard of Oz characters. I also got a whole bunch of theatre friends in our Theatre Honour Troupe to go with me."

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By: Sarah Niezgodzki

Is this new app, TikTok, that is sweeping the nation and the globe, as similar to our beloved Vine app as everyone says it is? That’s what I’m trying to figure out with the help of my fellow TikTokers.

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By: Leslie Chapa

As we enter 2019, we leave multiple controversies from 2018 in the past. However, one that we cannot forget is the xenophobic attitude Ariana Grande presented towards popular Chinese artist Yifan Wu, better known as Kris Wu.

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By: Hayley Baker

Meet your AFHS women’s tennis team. These girls are mostly returners with two new people. These girls have been practicing hard for a few weeks to prepare for the 15 matches they have ahead of them this season.

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Once upon a time, will yours be mine

Will we learn to see beyond the vine?

Will the way we live be replaced with happiness once upon a time, once upon a time

All I’m hearing is

The newfound evidence

Of everything that we found scary...

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Things To Do During Spring Break

By: Raeann Orona

Have nothing to do during Spring Break? Are you trying to have the best Spring Break in 2019? Are you wanting to hang with friends and make the most epic moments you could have? This article can help guide you to have the best Spring Break ever!

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