Meringue's for Orangutans


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Let's raise awareness of palm oil while having fun and baking. We will only be using ingredients that don't contain palm oil or ingredients that follow and agree with the CSPO guidelines.

The event will run for 2 hours and during that time you are able to bake whatever you want using the ingredients supplied.

While you bake you will learn about orang-utans and the issues they face due to palm oil.

You will also learn which products are palm oil free or CSPO, and which products to avoid.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Who: The event aims to help the Sumatran and Borneo orangutans. the two species are very similar with only a few physical and behavioral differences.

What: The devastating effects of deforestation and palm oil plantations.

When: Orangutans are being effected by palm oil constantly. Palm oil plantations, manufacturing and consuming is happening as we speak.

Where: The issue is happening in Indonesia- mainly Sumatra and Borneo. (Picture: Map of Borneo and Sumatra.)

Why: Deforestation is happening to make room for palm oil plantations. The palm oil is being planted because it is a quick, cheap oil to produce that satisfies producers and consumers.

How: How can you help? Becoming an informed consumer will allow you to know which products contain palm oil so you can stop purchasing them. Donating to campaigns such as 'Don't Palm Us Off' can also benefit.


Our goals are to raise awareness of palm oil and raise funds for Zoos Victoria's 'Don't Palm Us Off' campaign.

We aim to raise at least $200 from our event to go to 'Don't Palm Us Off'.

But most importantly, our main goal is the spread the awareness of the effects of palm oil on the orangutans.

'Don't Palm Us Off'

Don’t palm us off is a conservation program run by Zoo’s Victoria. It aims to protect orang-utans and other animal species from the devastating effects of palm oil plantations. The orang-utans habitat is destroyed to make way for the palm oil plantations and as a result the orang-utan species is plummeting due to habitat and food loss.

(Picture: The 'Don't Palm Us Off' display at Melbourne Zoo.)

Meringues for Orangutans

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 9-11pm

Food Tech Room

Ingredients and utensils supplied. $20 per person, all money goes to Zoos Victoria's 'Don't Palm Us Off'.

Whatever you make you can eat :)

Don't Palm Us Off


Come and bake our orangutan meringues, they reduce deforestation abuse!