September with doTERRA

Carrie's Corner- starting the month right!

Carrie's Corner

A little place in cyberspace to learn more about essential oils, wellness supplements, and living naturally with doTERRA.

Welcome new doTERRA Members!

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Whether you bought one bottle of an essential oil or a large enrollment kit in July or August, WELCOME! I'm excited that you've started your wholesale journey with doTERRA. You are now receiving your doTERRA products at a discount and I look forward to hearing your success stories as you turn to natural solutions for health and home care.

There are many resources available to help you use your doTERRA products with confidence. The first step is to TAKE OFF THE CAP!

Other great resources are:

doTERRA's September Promotions

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Black Pepper (10% off)

Not just for seasoning food, Black Pepper has antioxidant properties, immune support properties, and my favorite- it aids in healthy digestion. So, as we prepare for holiday season and the delicious food that accompanies it, why not be prepared for the occasional tummy troubles that tend to follow? Add Black Pepper to any order this month and receive it for 10% off the regular price.

Clove (FREE with qualifying orders)

Not just for baking, Clove also has antioxidant and immune support properties. Clove also promotes oral health, and has a warm, rich smell, that makes any space feel a little more like Autumn! Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) for 125pv, and have it ship by the 15th of the month, and you will automatically get Clove for free! More about the Loyalty Rewards Program, below (this is 2 minutes!)

Immortelle (for FREE!)

Earn a FREE 10 mL roll-on of Immortelle ($92.67 retail value) by placing any single 200 PV order from September 1–30, 2015. When you place your order, the Immortelle will be automatically added to your order. Have you been eyeing this one for a while? Now is a great time to try it FREE!

Essential oil classes, events and training

doTERRA Global Convention is in early September. With over 26,000 wellness advocates in attendance, it is guaranteed to be an informative, exciting event in Salt Lake City, Utah. New products will be released, and I will have the chance to learn tons of new information.

That being the case, September will be an abundant month, with many opportunities for you to learn new ways to use natural solutions, get a refresher on essential oil basics, learn how to make an income with doTERRA and have some plain ol' fun!

Classes this month will include:

Cooking with Essential oils (hands on)
Mood and Emotion management with essential oils
Essential Oils- Back to Basics

Earning an income with doTERRA (supplement, double, replace your income!)

Additional specific topics

I will send out event announcements with the date, time and link to RSVP. Keep an eye out for those!

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Who is Carrie?

I'm a transplanted New Yorker, living a happy life with my husband and daughter in Greensboro, NC.

We are dedicated to making the best lifestyle and health-choices we can, with the knowledge and resources we have...and that's why we've chosen to incorporate safe, natural, doTERRA solutions into our lives.

We are NY Mets fans, we like to travel, are self-proclaimed foodies and we geek out as often as we can (that includes anything Disney, Star Wars and Bird-watching related)!

I'm following my heart and passion to share about doTERRA essential oils and the impact they can have on your physical and financial health. Through doTERRA, my family has been able to dream new things and live new realities. If you want to know how doTERRA can change your physical and financial health, please contact me, so you can start living your dreams, today.