Weekly Launch

May 22-26


Wow! Can't believe I have only one more launch to write after this! Time is flying by so quickly. Please, please, please make sure that you are keeping your routines intact. We are starting to see an increase in behaviors in all places(classrooms, recess, cafeteria). Please keep a close eye on the students at all times. You may need to have lots of morning meetings to talk about behaviors you are seeing.

Please make sure that you are getting all your grades entered into Skyward. You want to make sure that parents are aware of missing grades and please contact parents about grades and missing work.

We are making a slight change to our faculty meeting this week. We realized that we weren't ready to give out Wordles. We will have a quick meeting on Wednesday to pass out the end of the year check out sheets. We will have the rest of our meeting on May 31st to pass out wordles and have cake to celebrate the end of a great year.

Enjoy these last few days with your students! You are such a positive influence on them. For some, you are the ONLY positive influence. I know it is hard to be patient in May!

Important Dates

May 22-Mini-2nd

Saunders and Murray off campus

May 23-Mini-Kinder

May 24-Faculty meeting 3:30-quick meeting to pass out EOY checklist

Snacks provided by 4th/office

Kinder end of year ceremony

May 25- Mini-1st

May 26-5th grade Pool party

1st grade EOY party

Saunders and Murray off campus all day

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Character

Word of the week-Fairness

Morning announcements-Lagrone

Big image

11 Principles of Character Education

Principle 10-Effective character education engages families and community members as partners in the character-building effort.

Schools that reach out to families and include them in character-building efforts greatly enhance their chances for success with students.

Once families feel that they are important members of the school community, they may be ready for greater involvement in school programs and initiatives--especially the character education effort.

Shout Outs

Shout out to:

-our instructional specialists for helping with pink and blue sorting. They are making our job so much easier!

-Karla Skeen and Jessie Ting for supporting Kinder and 1st with assessments

-Angela for helping to train her replacement this week! We are going to miss her!

-Turrentine, Florez and Solomon for giving up a half day at this time of year to attend a deep thinking training with me! You guys are awesome thinkers!

-Our core PBIS team(Fore, Hirsch, Kramer, K. Wagner, Bionat, Steiger, Saunders, Murray) for being willing to take on this big task and missing school on Monday and Friday!