Looking Ahead

Beaumont is the Place to be in October!

Vicki Alterwitz will be with us again!

It's so great to feel the excitement surrounding Vicki's visit with us again. Many of you had the opportunity to work with Vicki last year, and have commented about how your lesson design and instruction were positively impacted from your time with her. I spoke briefly with Vicki on the phone last week and she is equally excited about working with the Beaumont Team again! She loves Beaumont Teachers!

The schedule for the coaching is below. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing sub shortage, there is no possible way to get all teachers through this first round of coaching. For the new teachers, Vicki is one of the best teacher coaches I have ever had the privilege of working with over the years. Her expertise in Common Core lesson design and implementation is second to none. We are privileged to have Vicki working with us here at Beaumont. Here is the schedule for the week:


7:30 - 10:30 = Michele and Anna (2nd grade)

11:00 - 2:00 = Tom and Buddy (3rd grade)


7:30 - 10:30 = Terri and Valerie (4th grade)

11:00 - 2:00 = Cary and Judy (5th grade)


7:30 - 10:30 = Tim and Mia (1st grade)

11:00 - 2:00 = Annie and Melinda (2nd grade and Special Education)

Here is how the coaching model works: Each pair of teachers will work with Vicki for a 3-hour period. The first hour is for co-designing the lesson in Room 308. During this first hour, you will co-design either a math Common Core Math lesson or english language arts lesson with Vicki. The second hour is for co-delivering the lesson. During this second hour, you will co-deliver the Common Core lesson with Vicki in one of your classrooms. You will decide with Vicki which classroom will be best to co-deliver the lesson. The third hour is for debriefing the lesson. During this third hour, you will return back to Room 308 to debrief the lesson with Vicki.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL GROUPS. You will need your math and language art materials for the session. A copy of the Math and ELA CC Standards will be provided.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE 11:00 - 2:00 GROUPS. The teachers in these groups will be relieved from their class at 10:15. You will need to eat lunch from 10:15 - 11:00. Following your lunch break, you will report to Room 308 for your time with Vicki.



We are experiencing a major traffic issue that is exacerbated by students arriving in the bull pin upwards to 5-10 minutes past the dismissal time. This needs to stop immediately! Teachers need to begin preparing students for dismissal so that when the dismissal bell rings, you are walking the students down to the gate. With this many weeks into the school year, there is no reason to be late at the gate. I expect to notice a marked improvement at dismissal in this coming week.


Are you late picking up your students at the end of recess and lunch recess? I am hearing that some of you are, so I need this fixed this week. The noon-duty personnel are often assigned to be other places, so waiting for teachers to retrieve their students is not an option. Please be on time.


Thank you to many for being consistent with this piece of our STRUCTURE! With that said, I am beginning to see some of the teachers relax in terms of having the students quiet in the "quiet zones" as well as having the students walk across campus in a line. Some of you are doing it the same as your were doing the first couple of weeks of school. This is exemplifying consistency. However, a few have gotten a bit relaxed with this, so I need you to tighten up and get back on board with remaining consistent in our push for STRUCTURE.


I am beginning to hear about how difficult some students are from a few classrooms, and I want to support you in this area. However, I need you to think about this quote:

"What we expect is what we get...What we accept is what we expect!"

Allow a bit of elaboration...

"What we expect is what we get..." This is really tied in closely with our mindset. For example,

"I know that when Luis comes to school today, he is going to cause all kinds of disruptions, because he always does. His home life is not good, and I don' think his parents provide structure at home...it's just hopeless for this one!"

The EXPECTATION is that Luis is going to be a problem today and everyday, so guess what? He is! I'm expecting it, so that is what I get! So, what is wrong with our expectations in this case?

Let's continue...

So, we are expecting Luis to misbehave, and he does. Now comes the part of the quote that is very telling."What we accept is what we expect!" Luis misbehaves and I accept his misbehavior as the norm, because again, I think it's a hopeless cause. THIS IS THE POINT WHERE EXPECTATIONS ARE REDEFINED, BECAUSE OF OUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR.

Here is were I see the error in classroom management:

As the teacher, I make it very clear to the students(at least I think it's clear) that no one is to get out of their seat without permission. This is my EXPECTATION, right?

Let's continue this...

Luis, Chris, Angie, and Abigail constantly get out of their seats without permission. Well, I'm busy working with other students, and I've told them a million times, but it's getting old because they don't really listen...I'll let it slide, because again, I'm really busy.

The students aren't the problem here...A lack of persistence and consistency is.

I set the EXPECTATION, but I ACCEPTED it when students did not behave to the EXPECTATION. Therefore, my EXPECTATIONS have changed. The message is clear...It is now acceptable for students to get out of their seats without permission. The students did not lower the EXPECTATIONS, the teacher did when he/she ACCEPTED behavior that was counter to what was initially EXPECTED.


Danielle is working hard to get the Backpack program running; however, donations are needed. The program is in need of: Pasta noodles, can soups, and can vegetables. If you would like to make a donation, it will help us keep the program going for our students.



This is an incredible example of Close Reading! Please listen closely to the key points made by this teacher. Watch the video below...
Common Core Literacy Close Reading Strategies with Informational Text


There is a great deal if interest in Number Talks, so I am including two sessions of a multi part training on Number Talks. Take a look...
Number Talk Session 1
Number Talk Session 2


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Monitor our words...

As we move closer to report cards and parent/teacher conferences, we naturally become tired in the process. I want to encourage each one of you to consistently think about how you make others feel. Beaumont teachers are passionate about their work and sometimes get a little tired in the process. When this happens, think about your words and how they make people feel. If you need to vent, then also think of a possible solution to the problem that is causing you to vent. Remember, I am here to support you, so if you are having difficulty in any area, please do not hesitate to discuss it with me. Our success as a staff is also my success as a leader. I am here to make sure you are successful!