Millburn Elementary Summer Learning


We know we just got done with the school year, but we also want to provide resources for students to do some summer learning. We encourage each student to continue learning paths as much as they can over the summer. All we ask is to do yoru best and just spend a small bit of time on some activities. Trust us, it will not take away from your summer!
  • Learning Packets
  • Media Center Bingo
  • Apps Available This SUmmer
  • IXL Skills
  • Incoming 6th Grade Summer Reading
  • Lake Villa Library - Summer in the Neighborhood

Learning Packets

We will have grade level summer learning packets available to pick up starting June 1. Please stop in between the hours of 8-12 Mon-Fri to pick up a packet for your child.

Apps Available

With students being able to use their iPad over the summer, here is a list of Apps that they will have access to:

  • IXL
  • EPIC (daytime hours only)
  • Lexia Core 5 (only if the student was using during the school year)

IXL Summer Learning Information for Parents

  • IXl Access Video
  • Parent Guide
  • Summer Break Strategies
IXL Overview

IXL Smart Score

When a student starts practicing a skill, the SmartScore starts at 0. As the student answers questions correctly, the SmartScore increases. If a question is answered incorrectly, the score decreases. However, the SmartScore is not just based on the percentage of questions correct. It is calculated using many factors, including the number of questions completed, question difficulty, and consistency, and offers superior accuracy in assessing student achievement.

A skill is mastered when the SmartScore reaches 100, but the number of questions it takes to master a skill varies with every student. To continuously motivate students, IXL recommends setting other practice milestones along the way to mastery. A score of 80 is good, and a score of 90 is considered excellent. When a student finally achieves skill mastery, you can be confident that they truly understand the skill.

Good= 80-89

Excellent= 90-99

Mastered = 100

IXL SmartScore - Myth vs. Fact

IXL Recommended Skills

Below please find skills that our grade level teachers have recommended our students work on this summer. There are 10 Math skills and 10 English/ Language Arts skills. Once yoru child received a Smart Score of 80 or higher on these skills, check the box on the sheet. We want our goal of 80% of students to complete these skills by the start of the next school year.

If yoru child has already completed a skill with a Smart Score of 80 or higher, no need to redo it. Just mark as complete.