The Eureka Stockade

BY Cindy

What is the Eureka Stockade and why did it occur?

The Eureka Stockade was when the gold miners were all interested in finding gold, the polices and soldiers left to seek for fortune, that meant there was no polices and soldiers around. They found a solution to reduce the number of people leaving their job, that solution was people needed to buy a license just to mine for gold. The people got really angry they didn't like the idea of having to buy a license just to mine, they had meetings and protest but it still didn't change. It still remained the same. People wanted to mine gold for free not for money.



Who was Peter Lalor and what role did he play in the Stockade?

Peter Lalor was the leader who led the people to the diggings. When they reached there the built a barricade named the Eureka Stockade. They were determined and prepared to fight! Around several hundred soldiers attacked the barricade, of course the government troops were more better and equipped with proper equipments. The battle only lasted for approximately 20 minutes, the leader Peter Lalor was wounded badly, during the battle Peter Lalor went away to hide.

The Law and Order on the Goldfields

Although there was the tax if you wanted to dig for gold it still didn't reduce the number of Chinese people coming over. Some people were smart to land in SA, but the tiring thing was they had to work all the way from SA to Victoria! After the gold rush ended some people stayed here in Australia and some went back.

Why were the events of the Eureka Stockade important for the development of democracy in Australia?

The miners were all cooperating and working together, they formed a bond together to make then stronger that's how it helped to become more powerful to fight against the government troops but although they weren't strong enough they were able to work as a large group.To construct the barricade and fight against the government,! They were all determined to fight for what they want!