Tony Romo

My Role Model

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The reason Tony Romo is my role model

Tony Romo is my role model because when people talk him down because he throws to many interceptions or he chokes but despite all that he just doesn't care what other people think of him if you like him great if you don't he JUST DOSENT CARE that's why he is my role model

When Tony Romo fails

Don't get me wrong Romo has failed in clutch situations, but when he loses the big one that doesn't keep him down for example in 2006 The Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks where in a wild card game the cowboys where down 20 -21 its 4th and goal at the 9 yard line for a field goal if the make it they are in the lead..... the snap comes Tony romo bobbles the snap he is running for a touchdown he gets tackled at the 1 yard line that was unbelievable but guess what it didnt keep him down.
Romo Singlehandedly Loses the Game!

When Tony Romo succeeds

When Tony Romo does really good its like getting a gift from god if your a Dallas Cowboys fan man there is so many examples for it was 2012 it was The Cowboys vs 49ers tony romo left the game with a cracked rib the cowboys backup came in but he only put the cowboys further behind i cannot believe this romo comes back in the game and he makes the greatest comeback ever and won the game.

General information

Tony Romo went to college for Eastern Illinois

Tony Romo came to the Dallas Cowboys undrafted

Tony Romo has the most touchdown passes in history of all the cowboys quaterbacks.

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