I Ain't Marching Anymore

By: Phil Ochs, Vietnam era, By: Cassi Waymire


The last few generations have been through unimaginable things, war after war! It's never the old men that start this war that end up finishing it. He's tired of all the fighting he's laying down he's gun, letting it go.

Intended Audience

Phil Ochs would play this song at protests all over the world, so the people who attended the protests were his intended audience.

What Is The Mood?

Why Was This Song Written?

This song was written because Phil Ochs was tired of watching innocent men die, he was tired of the government pushing young men into war. He was just tired of war.

Why This Song?

I was struggling trying to find a song I actually could listen too and understand, then Mr. Leonard suggested this song and I really liked it.