Gamma Waves

EM Waves Project

Use for Gamma Rays

  1. Kill cancerous cells
  2. Nuclear bombs
  3. Nuclear submarines
  4. Nuclear Powerplants

Video on gamma Waves

What Are Gamma Rays ?

Frequency and wavelength

Frequency Range- >1020-- 1024

Wavelength range- <10-12 m/ 0.01 nano meters

New Technology

Veo- advancement in CT scans

Description- Veo is a new technology that allows a CT scan to be done with the fraction of radiation dose(50% less), therefore reducing the amount of damage to the body. It works just like a regular CT scan, taking pictures to detect cancer or brain damage, but it just reduces the amount of radiation given to the patient. *they can also be with x-ray, but are close in frequency that it can be both*

Materials/Instruments Used- frame with camera type device to capture picture

Bed/table to make sure that you get the entire picture

Impact on the world- this new technology impacts the world because it reduces the radiation dose by a lot, which means that it won't be as harmful to humans.

Date of Discovery- June 21, 1012 -- November 28, 2012

Discovered By- the University of Michigan and GE Healthcare.