Smore Open House!


Earthquakes PBL

For our Earthquake PBL, we had to make a stable house for 'Tony Stark'. Basically, what we do is, each day we progress on our house. We got into a group of 4 or 5. Each day, we take a video of our work. We have to motivate a place for the house and the house itself. After we were are finished motivating, we started building with our supplies, string, clay, sticks, straws, and finally toothpicks. When we were finished building, we headed out for the shake table test. Our house had survived!

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands Project is about the atmosphere and global warming. This is simpily an individual assignment. My fellow class and I had to make a Pic Colloge/30 Hands. We had to have at least 9-10 slides for our project. 30 Hands is a straightforward project where you had to make a video explaining the project.

What I loved from the unit

What I loved the most from this unit was the Earthquake unit. I have learned a lot about Erathquakes i have never knew before. Also, what made the Earthquake unit fun was the PBL project with my friends.
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Invention Convention

The Invention Convention is about inventing/innovating a renewable project. You could be in a group or you could do it individualy. You have to use recycled trash to make this project. The invention is for the onpen house.