"Out of many, One people"

Why Should You Visit Jamiaca?

This glorious place is located in Central America, right off the Caribbean Sea. The tropical climate keeps it hot year round. Jamaica offers beautiful beaches for soaking up the sun or large mountains if you are in the hiking mood. The mineral springs in Jamaica are healing waters that help with muscular disorders, skin ailments, and respiratory problems.
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How to fit in

The jamaican language is English based with a West African influence, they may have their own slang but Jamaicans are easy to understand.

Some folkways of the Jamaican culture are that the group called Rastafarians believe that they are a part of a lost tribe in Israel who were sold into slavery and taken to Babylon. Another would be that Jamaicans always use appropriate way to say hello or goodbye such as "good morning" or "good evening". When at gatherings, Jamaicans do not sit down at a table until they are invited to do so. They are very cautious of their manners.

Jamaican people value their family and close friends more than anything else. Jamaican's do not value the government or authorities. They do not trust them, the only trust they have is for people who they know extremely well.

Every culture has their own Taboo's. In Jamaica, prostitution is definitely still considered a taboo in their culture. Women smoking is another thing that Jamaican's often find disturbing.

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